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Lorell Lane ain’t no average, schmaverage, self-taught media coach. With over seven years of experience in selling high-level online and TV ads, and working with major television networks, Lorell is a seasoned social ads expert.

A mother of two, Lorell decided that chasing millions in a corporate career was not worth missing moments with her family, so she dropped the corporate hustle, took her talents to Facebook and started building an empire along with her husband, Chris.

Today Lorell uses her personal and professional experiences to help others achieve the financial freedom they deserve. As co-founder of the Social Sales Lab, she teaches small business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, service-providers and other brands and individuals to launch profitable, game-changing Facebook and Instagram ads.

Lorell Lane

A corporate dropout turned digital marketer turned social ads savant.


The co-founder and behind-the-scenes brain of The Social Sales Lab, Chris has been starting, building and scaling businesses for over a decade. As a long-time entrepreneur and owner of multiple-successful businesses, Chris Wells has the vision, passion and experience to take underdogs straight to the top.
Chris leads with one motto: the rules are that there are no rules, a philosophy that has helped him exceed expectations and demolish competition in his personal and professional life. Today Chris brings this disruptive and defying vision to the Social Sales Lab, where he helps other business owners break social constructs and defy odds with the power of ads.

When he’s not trying to take over the world with his wife, Chis enjoys bike riding, quality time with his wife and kids, playing chess and living the life he built to the fullest.

Chris Wells

A serial entrepreneur and master of leveling businesses all the way up.

Our Story

it all started with a 

Leap of Faith


After 7 years of working as a Television advertising media executive for the nation’s top TV networks, Lorell enrolled then graduated from NYU’s Digital Marketing program. Chris, a young business owner who learned the game early on was head down grinding and working on new ways to market his new, fast-growing auto company.


Lorell & Chris, welcomed their first born while juggling a demanding corporate career, an auto shipping company and now soon after, a second baby on the way. 


Desperate to break free from corporate life, Lorell started her first side hustle. And while this first venture was short-lived, it lit a fire in Lorell to practice, invest, learn, get back up and try again. Meanwhile, Chris was searching for new ways to market his trucking company, a new mobile app and help people all at the same time.


In February 2018, the Social Sales Lab was officially launched as an online program to teach professionals and entrepreneurs how to build personal brands, generate leads and convert them into clients. 


Four months in, they had earned $101,000 using ads. The code was cracked. They knew they were onto something incredible, so Lorell hung up the suits and made her side hustle, her only hustle alongside her longtime entrepreneur partner, Chris.


Empowered by the total freedom that came from running a successful automated business, Lorell & Chris channeled their energy into spending time with their family and developing a life-changing, social media ads business school that was recognized by Yahoo Finance.


Today the Social Sales Lab is a family business that helps thousands create predictable income, generate round-the-clock sales and reclaim their time. Through mentorship, coaching and community, we’re not just helping people build ads, we’re helping them build a happy, successful life without sacrifice.

You can Dream Of A Life with

financial freedom.

Or you can take a chance, invest in 

live it.


The Team 

Lovin’ the 



An entrepreneur, social ads expert and proud momma, Brianna brings her expertise to help build, support and coach the SSL community. Brianna is also proof that being a successful businessperson doesn’t mean giving up the good things in life like sleeping in, cozy sweats and a good Netflix binge sesh. 


Program Director


Let’s cut to the chase: Rona’s never met a problem she couldn’t solve. A momma to twin girls, Rona knows the importance of creating funnels and automations that will help make the most out of your 24 hours...and she is very good at it. When she’s not slaying funnels and automation, you’ll find her three coffees deep, chasing a gorgeous sunset with her beautiful family.


Chief Operations Officer


Brittany took a DNA test. Turns out she’s 100% that b*tch who keeps SSL running smoothly. A tatted, Aquarius queen, Brittany is a master in all things outsourcing, streamlining and organizing. 


Operations Manager


We are not kidding when we say we have the most exciting and supportive community in the game. As our go-to gal for resources and community support, Charde is a big reason why. A momma, a foodie and a business woman, Charde is passionate about helping people level up their businesses and is here to help our students achieve success any way she can.


Community Leader

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